Yucaipa, Calimesa, Banning
Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

KQLH 92.5 FM

   LPFM | Locally Powered FM |The Studio | Adult Standards, Big Bands, Jazz for Yucaipa and beyond!

Preserving the Mid Century Music of 

America'S Mainstreet....

  The Big Band Legends, Jazz Standards, & Vocal Pop Stars of the...

  40's, 50's & 60's, 70's and Beyond!

About the Arrowhead Alliance

We are on the air, and we are also an on line radio station, broadcasting over the air, and streaming on line.

We are the Arrowhead Alliance, a local group that serves our community, not just through broadcasting, but in a number of different ways. We have existed since 2001, and in that time we've also facilitated a local community center, and provided support services for a local youth group. In the last few years we have focused on building KQLH 92.5 LFPM, Yucaipa. 

"Arrowhead Alliance of the Inland Empire stands proudly for the Preservation of Jazz and Mid 20th Century Music." We are a non profit organization formed for community service and the listening enjoyment and exposure of Jazz, Mid 20th Century Adult Standard Music. It is our goal to deliver a locally based, full service radio station featuring big band jazz, swing, and nostalgic music, and those who performed it then, and those who perform its styles today.
In addition we will also feature radio shows with different styles of music that have lent to our rich cultural history. It is our goal to bring these varied music styles, and independent content  to new generations so they more fully understand, and remember the music and lives of the generations were listened to my the people who built America's Mainstreet.

It is the primary mission of this organization to promote the continued availability of Jazz, Adult Standard music, and its performances, and related styles back to the FM dial in our area. We wish to accomplish this through independently fielding a local FM radio station to to generations forward.  We believe through FM radio, and a combination of multiple new mediums we can restore the availability of one the United States most unique and original art froms and music styles, and preserve its rich native history. We further believe that there is an important need for its exposure, availability, understanding as an independent and unique radio station in a market where there is a lack of independent radio ownership. It is our objective to bring diverse, locally produced, progressive programming, as well as memorable Jazz and Adult Standard music,  and the rich content of America's Mid 20th Century radio stations back to our radio market - a market where these popular styles have been pushed off the dial, and are quickly vanishing in a sea of multiple owned, mega-corporate jukebox style radio stations, internationally owned radio stations, and a crowded field with hundreds and hundreds of cookie cutter FM stations, and their slave translator stations programming  from far off distances, and who narrowly proselytize, and repeat the same non original and non local programming over and over via satellite.  

It will always be an important priority to be a community resource as active members who support our Community through education and live, active participation.