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Forms and other Legal Stuff


31816 Avenue “E”, #28, Yucaipa, Ca 92399

(909) 475-7787

TYPE OF BROADCAST: (Program____) Start Date _______End Date_______

Name of Sponsor or Program ___________________________________________________________

Agreement Total $_________________________

Special Instructions_________________________________________________________________

_______ New Agreement _______Renewal _______Revision

START DATE___________END DATE_______________

Broadcast Schedule

MON            TUES            WED          TH         FRI         SAT         SUN

AM                          (         )          (        )          (        )        (       )     (       )     (       )        (       )

PM                          (         )          (        )          (        )        (       )     (       )     (       )        (       )


Spot  Length ___:30  ____:60 ||  Program Length  15:____:30_____:60_____     

Spot Rate______Program Rate__________

No. of  Spots____ No. of Programs

Agreement Total $_______________

Special Instructions___________________________________________________________________


1) live studio engineer, and or production engineer as applicable. 

2) three (3) available call in phone lines 3) the ability to interview people via telephone from remote locations

4) Distance listening live on www.KQLH radio.com during the broadcast

5) program listing on KQLH 92.5 FM website, with link to your web site

6) streaming on the Internet during the broadcast & podcasting of the show

7) SKYPE broadcast transmission 

8) :30 second program promos for your show (as available) 


Station reserves right to rearrange broadcast time in case of scheduling conflicts, power or equipment failure beyond the station’s control, or national, regional or local emergency.

 Client agrees that contract runs ___ weeks and unless other definitive financial arrangements are made prior to air date.

KQLH Radio may cancel the contract for non-payment. Client must provide a four (4) week written cancellation of agreement. Renewals must be made two weeks prior to the end of the agreement. Any spots associated with this agreement must be aired during contract term. No bankable commercials. Client must provide script and approve production spot or recorded spot, prior to start date.

KQLH 92.5 FM, nor the Arrowhead Alliance make any representation or promises of success or failure of any program on KQLH 92.5 FM.  Client acknowledges and understands that KQLH 92.5 FM/Arrowhead Alliance Inc, has a zero tolerance for any over-the-air conduct or utterances that violate FCC rules. Therefore, any conduct or over-the-air utterance which exposes KQLH 92.5 FM to potential FCC fines and forfeitures will be grounds for contract termination.  

All contests and give-a-ways must be approved by KQLH 92.5 FM. No transfer of program time, or host duties to another party without prior KQLH 92.5 FM approval. 

Furthermore, we make no guarantees or representations regarding sales made by programmer or advertiser with regard to this agreement. The station makes no guarantees of success regarding the promotion of the program through third parties, such as newspapers, billboards, etc. Signing this agreement supersedes any other agreement with KQLH 92.5 FM.

Weekly payments must be made automatically with a credit or debit card. If no prior arrangement is made, and no program payment is received one week after due date, contract will be subject to cancellation. There will be a $10.00 per day charge on any late payments. Any correspondence sent to the programmer, must be copied to station management for the public file.

Authorizations and Agreement

Authorized By Advertiser, Date_________ Authorized By KQLH Rep. Date__________

Signature_____________________________ Signature___________________________

Print Name___________________________ Print Name__________________________


______________________________________ Phone___________________________________

Accepted by KQLH Management______________________________ Date___________

End Page 1 of Agreement (Cont. on Page II in next Section - Page II must be initialed at bottom)


Page II of Agreement (Please initial at bottom of page and return with page I)

    • KQLH 92.5 FM  will bill CLIENT based on contract decision.
    • Payment by CLIENT is due upon receipt of invoice and/or affidavit of performance.
    • Invoices shall be based on total spots played and/or extra contract options.
    • Any excess from failure to broadcast shall credit the cost of only the individual spots that were missed, unless otherwise indicated in said contract.

e) Should any action be commenced by either

party hereto in connection with any breach

of this agreement by the other party, then

the prevailing party shall be entitled to

reasonable attorneys fees incurred in such

action from the other party.

    • If CLIENT cancels contract, KQLH 92.5 FM will immediately bill based on total spots /programs played. If STATION cancels contract, CLIENT shall have a credit due of the amount remaining on the original contract, to be paid in either (i) advertising time or (ii) the equivalent in trade.
    • All broadcasts must meet community standards of decency and comply with all FCC rules. Immediate termination will result from any utterance that is defined under FCC rules as patently offensive, obscene or profane.

If, due to public emergency or necessity,

restrictions imposed by law, acts of God,

labor disputes or any other cause, including

mechanical or electronic breakdowns

beyond the control of KQLH 92.5 FM and there is an interruption or omission of any commercial announcement or program broadcast contracted to be broadcast hereunder, then KQLH 92.5 FM

will substitute a time period for the

broadcast of the interrupted or omitted

program. If no substitute time period is

acceptable to CLIENT, KQLH 92.5 FM shall allow CLIENT a Pro-rata reduction in the time or

program charges based on credit of

individual broadcast, for the next contract


    • KQLH 92.5 FM reserves the right to cancel this contract upon default by CLIENT in the payment of bills or other material breach of the terms thereof. Upon cancellation, all charges for broadcasts completed hereunder and not paid, shall become immediately due and payable.
    • In the event of a material breach by KQLH 92.5 FM in performing this contract, CLIENT reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time.


STATION shall have the right to cancel any

broadcast or portion thereof covered by this

contract, in order to broadcast any program

which, in its absolute discretion, it deems to


be of public significance. In any such case,

KQLH 92. 5 FM will notify CLIENT in advance.


Unless otherwise noted on the face of

this contract, all program material,

excluding commercial announcements,

shall be furnished by STATION and

all commercial announcement material

shall be furnished by CLIENT. All

expenses connected with the delivery

of commercial announcements to

Broadcast Management Services, Inc.,

and with return there from, if return is

directed, shall be paid by CLIENT.


KQLH 92.5 FM agrees to hold and save CLIENT and advertiser harmless against all liability

resulting from the broadcast of (1)

program material except program

material furnished by CLIENT and (2)

musical compositions licensed for

broadcasting by a music licensing

organization of which the STATION is

a licensee. Client agrees to hold and

save KQLH 92.5 FM harmless against all liability resulting from the broadcast of

commercial material or program

material furnished by CLIENT except

musical compositions licensed as

stated above.

    • STATION shall exercise normal precautions in handling of property and mail, but assumes no liability for loss of or damage to programmer commercial material and other property furnished by CLIENT in connection with broadcasts hereunder. KQLH 92.5 FM will not accept or process mail, correspondence, or telephone calls in connection with broadcasts, except after prior approval.
    • This contract, including the rights under it, may not be assigned or transferred, without first obtaining the consent of KQLH 92.5 FM., in writing. Nor shall KQLH 92.5 FM. be required to broadcast hereunder for the benefit of any advertiser other than the ones built-in to the pre-recorded format, in the time constraints listed. Failure of Broadcast Management Services, Inc. or CLIENT to enforce any of the provisions here in shall be construed as a general relinquishment or waiver as to that, or any other provisions.
    • KQLH 92.5 FM obligations hereunder are subject to the terms and conditions of licenses held to it and to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
    • This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties relating

I have read and agree to these terms. 

Sponsor Initial here________


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