Arrowhead Radio Alliance - KQLH
Yucaipa, Calimesa, Hemet, Rialto
Riverside & San Bernardino Counties
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KQLH 92.5 & 92.5 LP2 FM

  And Now Highland Springs, Beaumont, Cherry Valley and Banning!  

About Us...

KQLH 92.5 FM,  Yucaipa, Ca. 

"The Music of America's Mainstreet!"

In February of 2014 the FCC granted KQLH 92.5 FM, The Studio,  a license to build a LPFM Community radio station.

We are currently under construction and not yet on the air...

Meanwhile, we are Studio 92.5, stream-casting world wide from Southern California's Inland Empire...

This on line streaming station is operated by:

"Arrowhead Alliance of the Inland  Empire" 

We are a California non profit organization founded nearly 10 years ago for educational purposes. We recently decided to field this new radio station for the listening enjoyment and preservation of Jazz, Blues, Mid 20th Century Adult Standards, Educational, and full service Community radio - something that until now has been missing, and missed for quite some time on our local radio dial.   

Upon going on the air, KQLH will be one of the only independently fielded, non government owned, and non mega corporate owned radio stations in California. We will truly be citizen radio. 

We are excited to provide this rich opportunity to bring a great breadth of music and diverse thoughts, perspectives and programming.  

Southern California has not had the opportunity for Citizen based, community radio and the music we are offering for quite some time.  Jazz, Adult Standards and the Music that built America's main streets have been squeezed off the dial  in Southern California. This is primarily due to the plethora of mega media conglomerates radio stations, churches. and a higher than national average number of foreign language stations -- thus leaving no room for a Jazz or Adult Standards radio station on the dial. 

It is the primary mission of this organization to promote the availability of radio to the average citizens of the Inland Empire for; Community Radio, Local Events, and Sports and to restore the availability of  a rich, native tradition of Jazz, and it's closely related styles.

It will always be an important priority to be a community resource as active members who support our Community through education and live, active participation.


Executive Board

Mark Westwood - Chair (909) 810-6102

Jerry Brown - Vice Chair

Rev. Paul Breton - Treasurer

Shirley Harlan - Secretary


Clayton Creekmore

Jim Stanley

Advisory Board

Rick Ruhl, Engineering

Dan Aro, Underwriting Manager

Shaun Luther

Mark Sension

Scott West

Nancy Ruth White


Mark Westwood

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